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About us

Our technologies are Your discoveries

«Qazaq Geophysics (QG)» LLP – is a kazakhstan geophysical company established in 2021

We execute comprehensive geophysical works.

We use the latest generation equipment in the field of aerogeophysics, terrestrial geophysics ( magnetic exploration, electrical exploration) and 3D-surveys of underground mine workings.
For these tasks, Qazaq Geophysics has a staff of highly qualified specialists, its own aviation fleet (helicopters, airplanes, quadrocopters, UAVs), as well as the fleet of specialised and auxiliary equipment.

QG фотографии

Types of research performed:

Our company provides an extensive range of services for geological exploration, including the full spectrum of geophysical works in the search for solid minerals, hydrogeological research as well as engineering and geological surveys.

High – precision magnetic exploration

Ground – based electrical exploration

Gamma – ray spectrometry

Aeroelectromagnetic technologies

3D laser scanning of underground mine workings

Aerial photography using UAVs

Geophysical research in boreholes


We have completed

linear kms of electrical exploration
0 046
linear kms of magnetic exploration
0 855
linear kms of aerogeophysics
Million square kms of 3D-underground filming
0 258
linear m GIS software