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Belyakov Sergey Nikolaevich

Graduated with honours from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, the Department of Geophysics specialising in special “geophysical methods of research and development of mineral deposits. Sergey Nikolaevich has 30-years working experience in the geological exploration industry.

His industrial experience began in 1995 at the Azimut company, where he worked until 2012.

While there Sergey Nikolaevich held different positions starting at Geophysicist to the Chief Geophysicist.

During his work in the company, he was the organiser and the leading executor of complex field geophysical surveys at numerous projects in Kazakhstan.

In 2012 Sergey started working for “Qazgeology” JSC working on various issues relating to Geophysical Research.

During this time discussion were held for the introduction of innovative geophysical technologies to improve the efficiency of geological exploration works. He conducted the engineering of geophysical research in geological exploration projects. Supervising the implementation of the work for “Qazgeology”JSC.

In June 2020, Sergey joined Kazakhmys.

During his working career Sergey took part in writing and also was a co-author of approximately 15 scientific works which were published in scientific journals and books.

All his written works were dedicated to Geophysics and Geology.

During his employment with Azimut Sergey was awarded “The Best Professional Diplomas” in the years 2003, 2007, 2009.

In 2010, Sergey received a letter of Commendation from a committee of Geology and Protection of Subsoil of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2016, Sergey was awarded with an honourary certificate of the Chairman of the Committee of Geology and Protection of Subsoil of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (MIR).

In 2017 – Sergey was awarded a letter of Commendation by MIR RK.

In 2018 – Sergey was awarded with an honourary badge of Excellence in Subsoil Exploration.

In 2019 – Sergey received an honourary Certificate of the Minister of Ecology, Geology and natural resources.