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The unique characteristics of aerogeophysical surveys such as:

• High speed execution
• Multifunctional
• Cost – effective
• Informative

This allows to use data collected.
Determine the value of its use as preliminary tool which allows the use of collected data for operational planning and the direction of stages of exploration.
One of the main advantages of aerogeophysical technologies is the ability to combine various types and methods of geophysical research.

Methods of terrestrial geophysics such as magnetic and electrical exploration provide information about the structure and characteristics of the earth crust.
This greatly simplifies the study of the geological properties of the earth making these methods important for other fields.
They are almost always included in search studied when solving of ore geology.

Are one of the sections if geophysics that helps to acquire data about deep geological structures, soil properties, water levels, the presence of minerals and other parameters which are vital for geological processes understanding.

Underground scanning technologies using UVA’s allow the acceleration of the process surveying mine workings which are inaccessible for surveyors and obtaining precise 3D models, which allow to model the most accurate geomechanical model of the deposit.

The company has highly skilled experts who are capable of digital processing comprehensive analysis of geophysical data using the latest software solutions.
This allows us to achieve high efficiency in the use of geophysical data.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment and uses modern analytical methods to determine various physical properties of rocks and ores.
Due to the accurate data obtained in the laboratory it is possible to comprehend the geological nature of examined objects and conducting more efficient and sustained modelling of the studied samples.