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Laboratory for determining the physical properties of rocks and ores.

Qazaq Geophysics has the ability to provide comprehensive data on the physical properties of mining materials, This is necessary for successful field development, infrastructure design and environmental sustainability of production.

The special aspects of Qazaq Geophysics laboratory are

  • High sensitivity in measuring of magnetic susceptibility (1×10-7 SI units) and specific conductivity (0,1 s/m).
  • IP/Resistivity system for polarisability and resistivity measuring.
  • Precise density measurement.
  • Data profiles are displayed in real time during the scan. Built in high – resolution camera for recording images of samples.
  • Standard of magnetic susceptibility, specific conductivity and polarisability.

The advantages of Qazaq Geophysics Laboratory

High accuracy and reliability:

Our specialists are highly qualified with many years of experience in the field of rock and ore analysis, which ensures the accuracy of the results.

Modern equipment:

The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment which allows for a wide range of analysis and testing.

Individual approach:


Meeting deadlines:

We understand that time is of the essence in your project and always endeavour to meet the deadlines required.