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Yesenbayev Abzal Mayrambekovich

Abzal graduated from Karaganda State Technical University in 2018, specialising in mining.

In January 2023, Abzal joined Qazaq Geophysics (QG) LLP, where he is engaged in surveying and filming using the DJI Matrice M300 industrial quadcopter.

His responsibilities include capturing and recording on the Hovermap ST scanner, point cloud processing and wire – frame modeling.

Abzal also has the experience of a Chief Surveyor, supervising mining operations and calculating the volume of work performed.

He successfully worked at facilities in various organizations, including “KarGSP” LLP, “BVR Kazpolymetal” LLP, “Zhaltyrbulak” JSC, “GeoComm” LLP.

His skills include drawing up plans and projects for mining and geological exploration, quantifying for extracted rock mass and minerals, as well as many other aspects of surveying and geodetic work.